NE 542: Biomedical Applications of Plasma

Topics covered: Introduction to atmospheric pressure plasmas, plasma devices for biomedical applications, plasma components and their modes of action, impact of plasma on eukaryotic cells, safety aspects, plasma medicine (wound healing, dermatology, cancer treatment, dental applications), plasma agriculture, benefits & limitations

Prerequisites: none



NE 732: Principles of Industrial Plasmas (ODD Years)
NE 795: Advanced Special Topics in Nuclear Engineering – Plasma MEdicine (EVEN YEARS)

Topics covered: Plasma sources for medicine, key roles of RONS, relevant plasma parameters for certification and safety aspects, antimicrobial activity of plasmas, treatment of ulcerations and wounds, immunology of wound healing, plasma oncology, plasma conditioned liquid, perspectives

Prerequisite: NE 542



NE/PY 528: Introduction to Plasma Physics and Fusion