Online Presentations

Breakdown in Bubbles in Liquids

Nicholas L. Sponsel (February, 2022)

Manufacturing of Packaged Fresh Produce with Comfortable In-Package Cold Atmospheric Plasma

Duncan Trosan (February, 2022)

A Cocktail of Active Ingredients – Benefits and Challenges for Plasma Medicine, MIPSE Seminar, University of Michigan

Katharina Stapelmann (January, 2022)

Plasma-Liquid Interactions in the Presence of Organic Matter, IOPS

Katharina Stapelmann (September, 2021)

Atomic Oxygen Determination in the COST Jet: From the Gas Phase with a Liquid Target to the Liquid, IOPS

Brayden Myers (May, 2021)

Generation and transport of plasma-generated reactive oxygen species in the COST Reference Source

Brayden Myers (April, 2021)

Harnessing (bio-) Electrochemical Technologies as Sustainable Sources for On-Demand Precision Agriculture

Katharina Stapelmann (October, 2020)

NC State Nuclear Engineering Faculty Focus

Katharina Stapelmann (August, 2018)