Zeinab Alsmadi

Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Alsmadi is currently an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University. She earned her B.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2016, MMSE in Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University in 2020 and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University in 2020. She held a Postdoctoral Research Scholar position in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at North Carolina State University from 2020 to 2023. She has extensive expertise and several publications in the fields of nuclear materials science, radiation shielding and corrosion science.

Dr. Alsmadi research work focuses on understanding the relationship between microstructure, processing, mechanical properties, and functionality of materials for nuclear energy systems, and on the assessment of shielding and corrosion properties of single-layered and multi-layered coating barriers on the inner canister of spent nuclear fuel waste storage such as dry casks, and the assessment of different stainless-steel alloys as candidate canister materials as well as candidate structural materials for other nuclear systems, to enhance their radiation shielding efficiency and corrosion resistance.

Dr. Alsmadi is currently teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of introduction to nuclear energy, laboratory projects in nuclear engineering and particle material interaction.


Ph.D. 2020

Nuclear Engineering

North Carolina State University

MMSE 2020

Materials Science and Engineering

North Carolina State University

B.S. 2016

Nuclear Engineering

Jordan University of Science and Technology

Research Description

Dr. Alsmadi’s research areas include nuclear material science; radiation shielding; corrosion science; and nuclear waste management.


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