Nuclear Engineering Department Advisory Council

The Nuclear Engineering Advisory Council (NEDAC) provides observations, advice, feedback and support to the Department Head and faculty of NC State’s Department of Nuclear Engineering. There are 30 members, each with terms of 5 years and these appointments are staggered. Membership terms are subject to renewal by the Department Head upon consultation with faculty and consent of the target NEDAC member. The Council elects a Chair with concurrence by the Department Head.

The Council meets at least once a year, and member substitutions are not permitted. Subcommittees of NEDAC will be formed as needed and are charged with addressing overarching issues of nuclear engineering education and research – for example, space and facilities, national recognition, curriculum review, diversity efforts, lab/industry/university interaction, and fundraising.

The Department’s Strategic Plan is reviewed by the Council at least every other year and provides recommendations to the Department Head. Council members are encouraged to champion and facilitate senior design projects, internships for (under)graduate students, employment of departmental graduates, and support outreach and research activities.

NEDAC Members

Dr. Alan Icenhour
Chair of the Committee

Mr. Harsh Desai
Secretary of the Committee

Dr. Jean Paul Allain

Dr. Rita Baranwal

Dr. Sama Bilbao y León

Mr. Jeff Bradfute

Mr. Terrence C. Brimfield

Mr. Matthew P. Crozat

Dr. Thomas J. Downar

Dr. Jess Gehin

Dr. Alireza Haghighat

Dr. Yassin Hassan

Mr. Peter Hastings

Mr. Matthew Hertel

Mr. Nick Irvin

Dr. Tatiana Ivanova

Dr. Robert Lawrence Ives

Dr. Anthony Belian

Mr. Robert Shane Johnson

Dr. Robert Martin

Dr. Eben Mulder

Mr. Chris Nolan

Mr. Supathorn Phongikaroon

Mr. Kevin Quick

Mr. Kevin M. Quigley

Mr. Phil Sharpe

Dr. Avneet Sood

Mr. Steve Swilley

Dr. Temitope Taiwo

Dr. Bismark Tyobeka

Dr. Mickey Wade

Mr. Glen Watford

Dr. Kimberly A. Webber

Dr. Anne White

Dr. Leigh Winfrey

Mr. Carl Fisher