Participation in the MSTPWG Virtual Workshop

PhD student Syed Rizvi and undergraduate student Hayden Bland presented their work at this year’s Molten Salt Thermophysical Properties Working Group (MSTPWG) virtual workshop. The workshop was organized by Prof. Ted Besmann from the University of South Carolina and Dr. Jake McMurray from Kairos Power and held virtually from Nov. 15-17, 2022. Syed presented a virtual poster on his research which is an experiment for measuring heat transfer properties of molten salts (thermal conductivity and heat capacity) using time-domain thermoreflectance. Hayden presented a virtual poster on his research that explores viscosity measurements of molten salts by tracking the Brownian motion of microspheres. Great job to Syed and Hayden for their fantastic presentations! I also presented at the workshop and enjoyed meeting new folks in the field.