Joomyung Lee

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Office: BU 1115

Research Description

I am interested in the following research areas:

  1. Advanced risk-informed autonomous operation and control systems based on Digital Twin development using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  2. Risk analysis for the multi-unit & multi-hazard nuclear power plants (NPPs).
  3. Digital data management to improve interoperability for the NPP design and construction from the PRA perspective.
  4. False sensor data detection model development for the advanced on-line monitoring (OLM) system operation.


I received a Ph.D. degree in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University. My Ph.D. research was focused on developing a machine learning-based digital twin diagnosis model to be used in autonomous management and control systems for advanced nuclear reactors. Also, I earned my M.S. and B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Hanyang University in South Korea. My M.S. thesis was developing an emergency preparedness plan based on a Level 3 PRA study.


Nuclear Engineering
North Carolina State University

Nuclear Engineering
Hanyang University

Nuclear Engineering
Hanyang University

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