Yahya Alzahrani

Graduate Research Assistant

Email: yaalzahr@ncsu.edu
Office: BU 2151

Research Description

I am working toward my Ph.D. degree in Nuclear Engineering. My research focus is on:

  • Advanced reactor design and thermo-fluid analysis.
  • Integrated dynamic probabilistic risk assessment for nuclear power plants.


I received my Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from Oregon State University in Spring 2017 and Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from King Abdelaziz University in Spring 2021. I have been doing research in the field of neutronics analysis and computational method in nuclear corrosion for advance and small modular reactor SMR. In 2019, I have joined for eight months the Water-Cooled Reactors team at the international atomic Energy agency IAEA as intern Supervised by Prof. Tatjana Jevremovic.


Nuclear Engineering
North Carolina State University

Nuclear Engineering
King Abdelaziz University

Nuclear Engineering
Oregon State University


  • 2022, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education, Research and Development Fellowship


  • Grader for NE 400, Nuclear Reactor Energy Conversion, 2023


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