Hasibul Hossain Rasheeq

Graduate Research Assistant

Email: hrashee@ncsu.edu
Office: BU 1222 (PE Graduate Suite)

Research Description

I am working towards my PhD in Nuclear Engineering. As a part of my current research efforts, I have been contributing towards the OpenPRA Initiative through developing a modern web-based platform for advanced PRA tools and methods.


I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nuclear Engineering from MIST, Bangladesh in 2021. During that period, my research work mainly focused on performing gamma shielding calculation using Monte Carlo simulation codes for the spent fuel transportation cask of BAEC 3 MW TRIGA Research Reactor. Prior to that, I was an intern at Center for Research Reactor where I had hands-on training on radiation safety. Besides that, I did some personal projects in the robotics, machine learning, and reactor simulation domains.


Nuclear Engineering
Military Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh


  • Provost’s Doctoral Fellowship, 2023

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