Arjun Earthperson

Arjun Earthperson

Graduate Research Assistant

Office: BU 1222 (PE Graduate Suite)

Research Description

I am working towards my Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering. My research focuses on the evolution and modernization of PRA tools. To that effect, I am a contributing member of the OpenPRA Initiative. As part of my thesis, during the summer of 2021, I was interning at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), working on Autonomous Control System reliability for fission batteries.


I formerly worked as a research engineer at UCLA on a collaborative project with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). During that time, I had served as the software development lead for implementing a suite of PRA tools for the aerospace, nuclear, and power industries. Before that, I worked on numerous machine learning projects in the healthcare, bioinformatics, and embedded systems domains. I hold a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from UCLA (2017).


Nuclear Engineering
North Carolina State University

Nuclear Engineering
North Carolina State University

Electrical Engineering
University of California Los Angeles



  • Grader for NE 400, Nuclear Reactor Energy Conversion, 2022


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