Ge Yang

Professor of Nuclear Engineering





Research Description

Dr. Yang’s research interests have revolved around the opportunities at the intersection of nuclear engineering, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering. Special emphasis is placed on developing new materials and devices for improving radiation detection and imaging technologies, which are widely needed in medical imaging, nuclear energy, nonproliferation, nuclear security, industrial process monitoring, environmental safety survey and remediation, astronomical observation instrumentation and high energy physics R&D. Dr. Yang is also interested in investigating radiation effects in electronic, optical and structural materials and developing radiation-resistant materials. All of these topics are investigated using both theory and experimental techniques.


Understanding Irradiation Behaviors Of Ultrawide Bandgap Ga2o3 High Temperature Sensor Materials For Advanced Nuclear Reactor Systems
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(10/01/21 - 9/30/25)
Flexible Hard Ceramic Coatings by Ultrasonic Spray Mist-CVD for Dry Storage Canisters of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Waste
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(10/01/20 - 9/30/24)
Conceptual Design of Subcapsule to House Fiber-Optic Pressure Sensor for Use in Irradiation Experiment
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(11/07/22 - 12/31/23)
High Resolution Scanning Acoustic Microscopy System for High Throughput Characterization of Materials and Nuclear Fuels
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(10/01/21 - 9/30/23)
Conceptual Design Study for Device to Move Sensors Axially within Instrumented Lead Irradiation Experiments
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(11/13/20 - 6/30/23)
(20-21572) Development of an In-Situ Testing Laboratory for Research and Education of Very High Temperature Reactor Materials
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(10/01/20 - 9/30/22)
Enhancement of Material Characterization Capabilities at North Carolina State University
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(10/01/19 - 9/30/22)
Radiation Hard Ga2O3 Detectors for High Energy Physics
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(7/01/20 - 7/31/22)
Development of Next-Generation Nuclear Sensor Materials for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(3/12/19 - 9/30/19)