Alexander Bataller

Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering

Research Description:

The Ultrafast Spectroscopy Group in the Department of Nuclear Engineering investigates several topics in plasma science and nuclear engineering. Dr. Bataller’s research group specializes in the application of ultrafast laser techniques for probing matter in extreme environments with a particular focus on molten salts for advanced nuclear energy applications. Molten salt research topics include thermophysical property characterization and their microscopic origins, photochemistry of solvated electrons, interfacial corrosion dynamics of metals, and plasma engineering for nuclear material accountancy.


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Highlight:  Profiled as a Focus Story in Physics, 7(72), (2014) and online

  • Kappus, B., Bataller, A., and Putterman, S. “Energy Balance for a Sonoluminescence Bubble Yields a Measure of Ionization Potential Lowering.”  Physical Review Letters, 111(23), 234301 (2013).


Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-2017


North Carolina State University

Ph.D. 2014


University of California Los Angeles

B.S. 2007


University of Arizona


Plasma-Bubble Spectroscopy: A Method for Real-Time Material Quantification in Molten Salts
US Dept. of Energy (DOE)(10/01/21 - 9/30/23)
Fluid Measurements of Molten Salts Using Nonlinear Fluid Dynamics
Oak Ridge Associated Universities(10/01/20 - 9/30/21)
Investigating Contact Electrification via Operando Ultrafast Nonresonant Spectroscopy
Julian Schwinger Foundation (JSF)(1/01/19 - 12/31/20)