Farah, Alie and Lauren presented at the BEPU Conference in Lucca Italy

PhD students Farah, Alie, and undergraduate student (incoming PhD) Lauren attended the 2024 Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty International Conference (BEPU 2024) at Lucca, Italy during May 19-24, 2024. Five papers from the ARTISANS group were presented: (1) “Uncertainty Quantification of Long Short-Term Memory Autoencoder for Monitoring of Liquid Sodium Cold Trap”, (2) “Bayesian Calibration of Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing in a Thermal Mixing Tee”, (3) “Uncertainty Quantification and Improved Neural Networks Predictions using Data Augmentation by Variational Autoencoders”, (4) “Hierarchical Bayesian Inverse Uncertainty Quantification with Application to the ATRIUM project”, and (5) “Elucidating the Uncertainties Introduced by Data-Driven Machine Learning Models”.