Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In the Nuclear Engineering Department, we, the faculty, staff, and students, value a variety of perspectives and strive to provide an environment where everyone is welcome and feels like they belong. The purpose of this strategic plan is to identify opportunities and goals to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Nuclear Engineering Department. The focus is on activities that can be accomplished at the departmental level, though this can include leveraging activities and resources at the college, university, or national level.

  1. Diversity
    1. Analyze enrollment demographic data specifically for retention of underrepresented groups.
    2. Review the department website to advertise the technical and demographic diversity of the department.
    3. Advertise research opportunities for underrepresented minority undergraduate students.
    4. Increase recruitment specifically at minority-serving institutions.
    5. Review the best-practices for recruitment and pipeline programs from other institutions and departments.
  2. Equity
    1. Improve the topical and demographic diversity of graduate seminar speakers.
    2. Develop a plan to increase graduate student stipends so that talented students from a broader range of socioeconomic backgrounds can pursue graduate studies.
    3. Provide mechanisms to recognize hidden labor that can be disproportionately taken on by underrepresented groups.
    4. Evaluate DEI training criteria for faculty in certain roles.
    5. Review admissions practices to check for potential to introduce biases.
  3. Inclusion
    1. Increase and improve methods for students to provide feedback to faculty and departmental leadership.
    2. Broadly advertise PhD defenses to all members of the department.
    3. Improve the quantity, variety and inclusiveness of departmental events offered for graduate and undergraduate students.
    4. Evaluate the use of space in the department to create a more inclusive environment wherever possible.
    5. Provide mechanisms for every incoming international student to connect with current students before arriving on campus.
    6. Explore ways to improve support for English language improvement for non-native speakers.
    7. Provide a departmental orientation for new  graduate students that are located on- and off-campus.